The New Generation of Alliances Set

Interview: FMC Commissioner William P. Doyle weighs in on the new generation of ocean carrier alliances.

Lessons from Hanjin Line Bankruptcy

On February 28, 2017, U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Commissioner William P. Doyle participated in a panel discussion at a conference in Long Beach, Calif., where he discussed the August 2016 collapse of Hanjin Line. These are Commissioner Doyle’s Prepared Remarks (note, actual remarks were scaled for brevity and repetition of events highlighted by the moderator and other panelists).

Joint Liquefied Gas Carrier Instrumentation Training

LGC NCOE works with LNG shipping company to train Coast Guard personnel on Liquefied Gas Carrier Instrumentation

Where Does eLearning Content Come From?

How do we find the best eLearning content for our officers and crew?

Gender Discrimination in the Pacific Northwest

Who should pay for a $6 million gender discrimination lawsuit involving a woman who was denied a pilot license in Puget Sound?

Fatigue at Sea Should Not Be Ignored

Fatigue at sea, particularly among Masters and Watch Keepers, is a growing problem that should not be ignored.

For Alaska, Offshore Energy is Key to a Better Future

Opening up the Arctic to offshore energy is the key to opening the door to a better future for Alaska.