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Netherland Hosts International Simulation-based Training Conference

By Tom Mulligan!!!

Almost 200 delegates from across the world are gathered at the Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus in Den Haag, The Netherlands this week to hear about the latest developments in maritime training based on state-of-the-art simulation technology.

Kongsberg Group, the Norway-headquartered international knowledge-based company serving businesses in the maritime, defense, remote weapons and digitalization sectors, is hosting the three-day Kongsberg UC2017 International Maritime Simulation User Conference designed to bring attendees up to date on recent and planned developments in digitalization, maritime training, navigation technology, simulation systems for engine operation and cargo handling, and the use of virtual reality in maritime training, as well as to look at how human factors impact simulation training and assess how automated systems stack up against their manual counterparts.
Expert conference speakers from Kongsberg Group include Tone-Merete Hansen, SVP Maritime Simulation at Kongsberg Digital; Joern Seglem, SVP Digital Platform, Kongsberg Digital; and Christian Moller, SVP Maritime Simulation, Kongsberg Digital. The guest speaker list includes Catina Geselschap, Project Manager, Heerema Maritime Contractors Academy and Henrik Pahlm, MSc, Technical Lecturer at Chalmers University of Technology, as well as a broad spectrum of other presenters from across the globe from institutions and organizations such as the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy; the US Army Corps of Engineers; the Maritime Academy Holland; the Canadian Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre; and the Royal Australian Navy.
With a full plenary program matched with a range of parallel sessions and a digitalization workshop, the Kongsberg UC2017 Maritime Simulation User Conference promises to be the major simulation-based training event of the year.
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 Photos provided by Schmidt Ocean Institute

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