Next step for SSPA Sweden AB


The 4th of April Helén Jansson takes on the newly established position as Communication and Market Manager at SSPA Sweden AB. It launches Step 2 in the company strategy; a more explicit communication of the broad SSPA knowledge base and all the service opportunities that are offered to the market.

- The maritime industry offers the society tremendous opportunities in many fields such as technology, sustainable development and social welfare. We believe that by clearly show the SSPA contribution-span we can, not only continue to work with our customers to develop their competitiveness, but simultaneously also highlight the potential in both the industry in general and our own organization. SSPA will therefore invest heavily in communication to strengthen existing, and approach new, business contacts announces the company CEO Susanne Abrahamsson.

Helén Jansson has several years of experience in the industry, most recently as Nordic Communication and Marketing Manager at Codan Marine.

Source: SSPA Sweden AB